Freezer Repair

While the freezer may seem like a household appliance that just runs eternally, it will eventually break down and need servicing. And George’s Appliance Repair is there to catch you. Though it may seem tempting, refrain from trying to repair the freezer yourself. The device is pretty simple, but there are a lot of interwoven parts that play off of each other. Hence, damaging one part could damage the others and lead to further damages to your bank account.


Common Freezer Issues


Freezer Sounds Very Angry


If you can legitimately describe the noises that your freezer is making as “angry”, then it’s time to get it looked at. Knocking and banging are not normal sounds to hear and could be indicative of an issue with the evaporator coil.


Frost Build Up


This is indicative of the temperature being set too low. First, make sure that the temperature is not below 0 degrees. If nothing changes, the next step is to figure out where the frost is forming. If the frost is around the door, that could mean that the door isn’t closing properly. The gasket and/or defroster heater could also need replacing. If the frost, however, is only forming on the back wall, then the defrost cycle might be faulty.


Freezer Leaking


Whether you should be worried or not depends on how much water is leaking. A small amount could be the result of an ice cube melting. A slightly larger amount could mean that the drain is blocked. However, a large amount is indicative of a leaking valve or water line. It could also be due to excessive condensation in the pan.


Not Working


If the freezer is not working, despite the power light being on, keep the door closed and then call us. If the light is not on at all, check the outlet to see if it is plugged in correctly. If this does not make a difference, then keep the door closed and call us. The controls may need replacing.


Not Cold Enough


The temperature may just need adjusting (set it at 0 degrees). Turn it down if it is any higher than that. It may also be due to the freezer being over-saturated with food and products. Ideally, a freezer should be between seventy and eighty-five percent full, which allows air to circulate and preserve the food better.

Another thing you can check is if the food is packed evenly and that the vents aren’t blocked.

Finally, the freezer should be in a place where the temperature is between fifty-five and one hundred ten degrees. If the outside temperature is too hot or cold, then the freezer will be overworking itself to regulate its temperature.

After all of these checks, it could be the thermostat that is to blame. In that case, call us.


Avoid any spitballing and give us a call. We’ll send you one of our technicians so that you can find a solution at an affordable rate.