Oven Repair

When your ability to bake, defrost or roast suddenly become compromised once your oven goes on the fritz, then it can be a major inconvenience. We understand that your oven needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Don’t worry. Call George’s Appliance Repair, the most reliable repair service in Newnan, Georgia. We will send one of our experienced technicians and they will be able to give you the service to repair your appliances quickly and cost-efficiently. On top of their years of experience, they also receive regular training to upkeep their skills.

They’ll give your appliance a thorough assessment and give you their advice on how to proceed with the proper repairs for long-lasting results. They will also give you a fair and accurate cost upfront; no surprise costs or fees.

We have the solution to your problem, no matter how world ending it may seem, and we are only a phone call away.


There could be many reasons for an oven to malfunction. Your first instinct will be to troubleshoot the issue. It could be the gas line being frayed or a failing igniter. If heating is the issue, then the heating element could be compromised. Even though these DIY repairs can save you money and give you a sense of accomplishment, do not try to do these yourself, unless they are minor malfunctions. The more complex issues require specialized tools and a specific skill set to carry out these repairs safely and efficiently. A technician saves you time, money and unnecessary stress.

Common Issues

Not Heating Properly

This is due to a malfunctioning igniter or a heating element that may be damaged. If the oven range is also failing to light, then the gaslight is faulty. This requires professional assistance. If you smell gas, evacuate the building immediately and call your provider. Our technicians will replace the igniter and the heating element.

Malfunctioning Door

This could be indicative of a range of issues. The door sensor or door springs could be damaged, or the rubber gasket may be worn. Once these parts are replaced, then your problem will be solved.

Won’t Self Clean

If your oven has a self-cleaning feature and is not performing like it should, then the following parts may need to be assessed and replaced: the door locking motor, switch, the control panel, and the thermostat

Is a Replacement necessary?

Here’s a little fun fact for you: Ovens some of the longest lifespans of any household appliance. With the right care and handling, ovens can last up to fifteen years. However, if you’ve had it for longer, you may want to consider buying a new one. Not only can we help you with selecting a new oven, but we can also give you a hand with the installation.

We can provide you with any advice you need if you give us a call today.