Washer / Dryer Repair

The washing machine and the dryer are the dynamic duo that keep your clothes clean and dry so that you can take on your day. But sometimes, after all the hard work they put in day after day, this pair needs some proper care. If you’re in the Newnan area and you’ve noticed your washer and dryer not performing as they should, then give George’s Appliance Repair a call.


DIY Repairs?


You may have the urge to play handyman and try to carry out these repairs yourself. On the one hand, there are things that you can do yourself. For your dryer, you can examine the lint trap and exhaust duct to see if there are any blockages. For the washer, you can clear the drain and lint filter. You can also run a hot cycle in an empty machine to clean out any film that has built up inside. However, anything beyond that is dangerous, could lead to further damages and is better left to the professionals


Common Problems


Won’t Turn on


You’ll want to make sure that everything is correctly plugged in. Use a different outlet, if necessary. Give us a call if this doesn’t solve your problem.


Drum Not Spinning


In most cases, this is indicative of the belt being broken. It could also mean that the roller needs replacing or that the motor is faulty.


Machine Overheating


A clog in the works may be behind this problem. Make sure that you turn the machine off first. Then check the lint trap and vent for any blockages. If the machine continues to overheat, even after you’ve cleared everything, then you may want to look at the thermostat or the heating coils.


Washer Won’t Drain


If the washer won’t drain, then there could be many avenues to explore. Check first to see if the drain and hose aren’t clogged. If they aren’t, then turn off the machine to avoid any accidents and then give us a call.




Leaks, though they may not be serious at the outset, may lead to more serious issues down the road. However, they are easy to fix. Give us a call and we’ll make sure that your leaks are fixed in no time.


Repairs Moving Forward


You can contact us via phone, email or by clicking the blue “contact” button on this page. We will be in contact shortly to evaluate your concerns. You don’t have to battle these obstacles alone. Our service and fair prices speak for us and ensure that you will continue to come to us for your repairs for years to come.